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F.A.Q - PageMeTeleHealth


What is the difference between a host and a participant?

A host is anyone who has the ability to initiate a virtual video or audio meeting. A participant could be anyone who receives a meeting invitation from the host and joins the meeting.


What’s the difference between the personal, business, and pro package?

The only difference between all our packages is the number of users that can host virtual meetings.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Discover, and American Express.


How does PageMe Telehealth protect patient privacy and confidentiality?

PageMe has a number of features that render it PHIPA compliant.  These include a secure and encrypted server located in Canada. Users do not have the ability to save video or audio calls their devices.


What if users do screen recording?

Users are able to do screen recording. However, PageMe Telehealth does block the audio from being recorded.


What Are The Compatible Devices & OS?

Windows & Mac Desktop
PageMe Telehealth Desktop is our recommended tool for web-based video conferencing with 20 or less participants.

All participants can connect to the conference using:

  • The latest Google Chrome web browser
  • The Firefox web browser (only version 76 or later)

Mobile versions:
iPhone & iPad


How many participants does PageMe Telehealth support?

PageMe Telehealth works best with 20 or fewer participants.