A Simple & Secure Telehealth Solution for Healthcare Professionals.

PageMe Telehealth enables you to engage with individual patients, teams, or colleagues in virtual consultations, without the need for complex login processes.

PageMe Telehealth provides health care professionals with a convenient, secure, and collaborative platform to see and treat their patients remotely by way of the video conference.

Video-conferencing that’s safe and secure

Enjoy high-quality video telemedicine.

Group video conference with up to thirty people.

Share your desktop screen, presentations, and more.

Invite patients to a virtual consultation via a simple, custom URL invitation

Benefits of using PageMe Telehealth for health care professionals

Patient Engagement

Virtual care is here to stay.  PageMe Telehealth allows health professionals to provide easy and instant virtual care, without the need for a complex login process. This makes the experience convenient and easier for both the care provider and the patient.

Compliant & Secure

Patient confidentiality and health-related conversation is our number one priority. PageMe Telehealth is PHIPA compliant. Our virtual data centre infrastructure is located in Canada. This allows healthcare providers to stay compliant with all federal and provincial privacy regulations while improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivery.  

Cost Effective

Use PageMe Telehealth as your primary virtual care platform to consult hundreds of patients every month, while keeping your overall cost low.

Improve Productivity

PageMe Telehealth modernizes healthcare communication by allowing professionals to communicate in real-time. Medical professionals can now solve challenges while saving time, enhance patient care, and stay connected with other professionals.

Discover how PageMe Telehealth can help you reach more patients